~£40 per hour 
~£120 for half a day(4 hours)
~£200 for a full day(8 hours)

I may request my travel expenses to be covered unless we are shooting within a reasonable distance. 

I do consider Time for Print work

But time for print work does not take priority over paid jobs !

“Unless it really sparks my Creative Interest then I can be bought with an Idea”

(please see the time for print section at the bottom of this page)

First of all I would like to thank you for considering me for your project.

When you e-mail me please try to include as much information about your project and yourself as you possibly can for example: 
~Make-Up and Wardrobe requirements



I am a professional Photographer / Digital Artist so experience is not always essential to me but obviously a model with experience is sometimes required, The types of Images I work on also sometimes require a certain look so please do not be offended if you are not suitable for a specific project I will always keep you in mind or perhaps you might like to work with me on a project of your own?

Rates of pay will therefore obviously vary If you are just starting out and I’m assuming it’s for portfolio work, or practice and not for commercial work. With clothes on, basic stuff, anywhere from  £10-15 an hour is a decent rate. The range depends upon where you live, and the amount of experience you have. If you’re fumbling trying to get the “right” look, then £50 an hour would be way too much. If you can change outfits in 2 minutes or less, know how to convey a look well, and live in a major city then £50 an hour is good. If you can do all that, and live in a smaller city, 25-35 an hour is good in a Town or the countryside £10-£15 an hour.

I have had “beginner” models want 40-50 an hour, Er no thanks I will pass. A lot of the work as a beginning model is *T.F.P, (please see below) so you will be competing against models that love modelling and the whole creative process and will work for free to give both themselves and the photographer “that’s me”  some great creative works for both our portfolios and if we can get work done for free well it’s a no brainer, Make sure you can offer better images and looks than someone else and for what it is worth in my experience sometimes when money is not involved some of the best images are achieved as no one is working to a tight schedule, A relaxed schedule and atmosphere helps with the creative process. 

So with this in mind I will pay for Trade / Commercial work:- and sometimes for personal projects I will pay the following:-

~£10 – £15 per hour 
~£60 for half a day(4 hours)
~£100 for a full day(8 hours)

Plus supplement for Art Nude shots which would be negotiated with the model before or at the time of the shoot depending on the project, This is because sometimes the creative process takes us in many different directions sometimes on a complete tangent from the original idea …..which is great…. love it when that happens.

OK so

*Time For Print – T.F.P

T.F.P or time for print means that you get prints for your time modelling. In a T.F.P shoot, no money changes hands. The model doesn’t get an hourly or session fee, and the photographer doesn’t get an hourly or session fee, but instead provides the model with prints and/or digital images (the “CD” part – usually the model gets a CD-R with her image selection burned onto it.) However Shadow Photogenic will provide you with a memory stick with Digital Images on provided the project goes well.

The amount of images you get, the size, and when you will receive them, depends on the photographer, “ME” and is something we need to discuss individually.

As to whether you will get modelling pictures (head shots, body shots, etc) is completely dependent on how well you communicate your needs.

You may get makeup, hair styling, and fashion styling on a T.F.P, or you may not. Chances are that you will get none of the above but who knows with the kind of projects I do sometimes I enlist the use of such artists to help with the images I want to create.

You will NOT get comp cards. You may get digital versions of your images with which to make comp cards on your own. You may have to get your prints scanned to get digital images, to then create comp cards. Again that will be down to communication.

Be aware that T.F.P may also mean that you will not always get something that is useful to you. But please bare in mind, if you have almost zero camera / Studio time, it’s great no matter what. You need images, and you need to relax. You need to learn how to behave in front of a camera.

Notice most photographers that offer T.F.P  are amateurs as well, they need you as much as you need them. But this does not mean that he/she is a bad professional.

Many professionals ” such as myself” will do a T.F.P shoots with an amateur model (or an amateur photographer) who can’t pay their usual rates but whose look or previous work the professional finds intriguing and trust me as I have already said

“I can be bought with an Idea….”


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